New Creation invites 7th and 8th grade students to participate in Confirmation. Confirmation is a journey for our students to discover what it means to be a member of the Christian church and to profess their beliefs in our Triune God. Confirmation is designed to strengthen one’s faith, drawing them closer in their relationship with Christ, aid them in identifying and using their spiritual gifts, and make them an effective witness for Jesus Christ. 

Students do not go through the Confirmation journey alone; they are aided by volunteer adult mentors from our faith community. Parents also have special opportunities to engage their student in their faith journey. At the end of Confirmation, Confirmands are invited to make a profession of their faith during one of our services and become a full member of New Creation if they choose to do so—joining New Creation is not a requirement for being a part of Confirmation.

Confirmation includes weekly study sessions and additional activities. In 2017, Confirmands from across the Elizabeth River District UMC will join together for a retreat at Roslyn Retreat Center in Richmond, Va. The cost of the retreat is the only cost associated with Confirmation.

When Confirmation registration open again, you can register to take part in the next Confirmation as either a youth Confirmand or as an volunteer adult mentor here.