Each fall, the New Creation Youth fundraise and support the Hampton Roads Survivors of Suicide (SOS) Support Group and participate in the Morning of Hope Walk at Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach, Va.

A Morning of Awareness, Remembrance, & Celebration

There are many Community Events to promote good physical health. This is the one to promote good mental health. Its mission is to raise awareness of the disease of depression and the tragedy of suicide.

Who is the Walk for? Anyone who has been touched by depression or suicide.

It’s a Morning of Awareness:

  • An informative and moving program with several speakers who talk personally about their experience with depression or suicide.
  • There will be 20 clinically licensed counselors there to support, answer questions, hand out information, and even to assist with a Depression Inventory.

It’s a Morning of Remembrance: 
If you lost a loved one to suicide, you can remember them by: 

  • Wearing a colored ribbon as an armband: red, if you lost you father or mother; green if it were your brother or sister; yellow if extended family (i.e. uncle, grandmother, etc.), blue if it were your husband or wife and you’d wear purple if you lost your son or daughter to suicide. You would wear a silver ribbon if you have been affected or interested in depression.
  • You could remember by putting the picture of a loved one up on the Memory Wall.
  • And you could have the name of your loved one read during the program. 

And it’s a Morning of Celebration:

  • Celebrate our country with the Pledge of Allegiance led by a Joint Services Color Guard.
  • With a complimentary breakfast of Chick-fil-A, Flowers Baking Co. pastries, Sam's Club cereal bars, and Starbucks coffee
  • With fun family activities and crafts.
  • With an After-Picnic and Ben Phelps Band, along with complimentary Rita’s Italian Ice.
  • Receiving a beautiful crane quilt given as a gift.

Join us as we come together to promote good mental health . . . or even to save a life.
For more information: Call Chris Gilchrist, LCSW, 483-5111