Prayer Requests

You can submit a prayer request using our online request form or by calling the church office. Prayer request cards are also available in the welcome folders at each Sunday service. Online prayer requests are shared with our teams as we receive them and prayer request cards are shared with our teams on Tuesday mornings. 

Hospital Prayer Visitations

Pastors are available for prayer before, during and after hospitalization. Please contact the church office at 757-484-8217 or submit a prayer request with the date, time and hospital where you will be hospitalized. Due to HIPAA regulations, hospitals will not inform the church of your hospitalization.

Prayer Breakfast

Each Tuesday morning at 7:30 am, volunteers and pastors provide breakfast and lead a prayer vigil in which we pray for the needs of our church and our community.

Prayer List

Each Tuesday morning, the pastors publish a prayer list of current prayer needs for the congregation. You can contact the church office at 757-484-8217 to receive a copy of the prayer list.