don't know about you but I have a pretty interesting relationship with my stuff. You might describe it as a love/hate relationship.


I open the door and see the clothes hanging in my closet and I say to myself, "I have way too much! Where did all of these things come from? I need to get rid of some of this stuff and thin it out." But then I start to go through them and I find I hang on to that pair of pants that no longer fit, in hopes that one day I can wear them again. Have you ever done that?


I look in the drawers and cabinets in my office and I find stacks of papers and cards and letters, and I say to myself, "This stuff is just taking up valuable space and the clutter is driving me crazy!" But then I start to read the cards and I find an encouraging message from someone in the church family and I think, "I can't throw that away!" Or I scan the information on the papers and I say, "That might be a helpful resource that I might have a use for someday." Am I alone in that?


I know I need to simplify and de-clutter by getting rid of some of this stuff, but sometimes I just can't seem to let it go. In the end, the weight and the pull of all of that stuff continues to have a strong hold on me and I can't seem to break free.


On Sunday as we continue our series Defying Gravity we are going to look at what it's like to finally break free. For some that means some minor adjustments in our life. For others of us it might take radical change.


Join us as we see what help and advice Scripture gives us as we seek to Break Free from the culture of more!