We live in a complex and ever-changing world. Every day of our lives we have to make decisions on how to live our lives and to do so in a way that would honor God and bear witness to our faith in him.


God gave us one simple rule in the Old Testament and that was to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. This rule, was to be the one guiding principle that would direct God's people in every decision that they made. What's kind of sad is that the people took that one rule and expanded it out into 613 laws. It seems like we always know how to take something simple and make it really complicated.


Now when Jesus came he was asked which of the 613 laws were the most important. Jesus' answer was an attempt to once again make things simple. Jesus gave the people two simple rules to guide our faith, Love God and love your neighbor. But as you can guess, the Christian Church took those 2 rules and once again made them so complicated and complex that they struggled to know what they needed to do in order to be a faithful follower of Jesus.


What do we need to do to faithfully follow Jesus was the question asked by many people who followed the teaching of John Wesley in the 1700's. Wesley organized people into small groups where they asked this question and like Jesus before him, Wesley tried to keep things simple so he gave the people 3 Simple Rules. If someone really wanted their lives to be changed by the power and grace of God and if they in turn wanted to change the world then they were to follow these 3 rules: do no harm, do good and stay in love with God.


Now today, just like it was in the 1700s, our world is a confusing place and change is taking place at a faster pace than ever which means that we need some simple rules that can cut through the complexities of life and keep us walking in the footsteps of Jesus. So this week we will begin a series which will look at these 3 Simple Rules. Each message will explore how although they are simple, these rules are truly profound.  We will also offer practical tools and tips for living out the rule.


Also on Sunday I want extend a special invitation to all of our veterans to be present.  During all three of our morning services we will be setting aside time to recognize and honor those who have served our country.