Isn't it great to fall in love? Remember what it's like when those feelings rush over you? (I know it's been some time for some of you, but try to go back there if you can.) Having your heart jump when you first see that person across a crowded room. Hearing harps play when you hold hands. Discovering someone who not only doesn't think you are crazy for liking the things you do but actually likes some of those things too.


For all the delight and ecstasy that comes with falling in love, though, some people are fortunate to find something even better: staying in love. That is the love endures over time, the love that shares burdens, that keeps communication happening even when it doesn't feel like it; that helps with the dishes and changing diapers. It's a love shown in doing something for your partner that you don't even necessarily like to do, but you do it simply because it means so much to the one you love.


It is the love, in short, that is kept alive in distinctly ordinary everyday ways.


John Wesley believed it was possible to stay in love with God in the same way. Just as a good marriage is constructed by a lifetime of sharing, talking, giving, and loving through the times when it's not as easy to be in love as it was when those harps first played, so our relationship with God involves some intentionality, some will, and some work.


So, Wesley devised the third of his simple rules for Methodists; he phrased it this way; Stay in Love with God. On Sunday as we finish up our series on the 3 Simple Rules we are going to look at some of the ways we stay in love with God.