Christmas is just a week away! How has this season of Advent been for you? Maybe you are like myself and still can't believe it's December! Maybe you have all your gifts already wrapped and under the tree. Maybe due to life circumstances or depression you find it hard to see the joy. However you have experienced Advent thus far, know that your church loves you and wants to see you. 

This week we look at the famous Hymn O Little Town of Bethlehem. This was originally a children's song, though it is a fun song for all to sing! This song reminds us of the importance of the city where Jesus' birth took place. Bethlehem was an unlikely city. Jerusalem was the city of power for both the secular and religious world. Jerusalem was where King Herod lived, where the Temple sat. So why did God chose Bethlehem? Join us as we explore the city Bethlehem and remember that God often chooses unlikely people!


Our 11 a.m. Traditional Service will feature our Chanel Choir as they perform "What Sweeter Music" A Festival of Carols by Mark Hayes. Join us as together we experience the Third Sunday of Advent!


Rev. Stephanie Kimec Parker