At some time or another many of you have purchased a house. The process of buying a house is a long one, with many hoops to jump through, forms to sign, and certifications to secure. One of the things that most banks require (and many potential homebuyers do regardless) is a home inspection by a professional home inspector. The reason to get a home inspection is simple—though a house may look good on the surface, there may be flaws that are only revealed upon closer examination.

The home inspector will carefully examine every part of the house. They will shine their light into all the dark places that never see the light of day where potential problems may be lurking.

They will climb up in the attic. They will crawl under the crawlspace beneath the house. They will peer into all the dark cracks and crevices. They will test all the appliances and major systems like the heating and air conditioning. They will check all the things hidden from the naked eye such as the wiring and the plumbing to make sure they are safe and secure.

A thorough inspection will let the buyer know if there are any problems or concerns that need to be addressed before the sale is completed. Some of these flaws may not be a big deal, while others can be major issues. A wise person selects a good home inspector and pays attention to what he or she says. If the inspector says something needs to be fixed, you would be prudent to listen.

Last week we began our Fixer Upper series by looking at the Master Plan. Jesus is the great fixer upper of our lives and He has a grand design and purpose for our lives. This week we will take the next step in the process. Jesus reminds us that whether you are talking about a house or your life, taking a superficial look is not enough, because the most important things are only seen upon careful inspection.

In order for us to allow Him to renovate and remodel our lives we have to allow Him to shine the light of His grace into the dark places of our hearts and souls to uncover those things that truly need fixing.

Please join us as we continue to allow Jesus to transform us to be all that He designed us to be!