If you ever watch the "Fixer Upper" program on HGTV, you will know that Chip's favorite day is "Demo Day", the day when they tear down all of the old stuff and make way for the new.  There is just something about ripping out old walls, cabinets, carpet, floors, or whatever is in the way or in need of replacing that totally makes you feel great!  It's a great stress reliever...just grab a hammer and start pounding on some boards or ripping down walls and cabinets.


Last week in our Fixer Upper message series we talked all about Inspection. The very beginning, what it means to allow God to take a look inside you, and find what is hiding in the dark corners. What has been shoved in a closet, forgotten about, broken? Hopefully you've been spending some time allowing God to search your heart. Once we have identified those things we are ready to take the next step in the transformation process.


And so here is the hard truth we must face this week. There is no transformation without demolition. So on Sunday it is going to be "Demo Day". On Sunday we are going to put on our hard hats roll up our sleeves and begin the hard work of asking some tough questions and hopefully allow God to tear some things down that are holding us back. It's not going to be easy, but the end result is going be totally worth it.


I look forward to seeing you all Sunday!