ho doesn't love superheroes?


Even if you aren't into comic books - or movies about people running around in tights fighting crime - I bet at some point in your life, you have daydreamed about having superpowers.


One of my favorite ice breakers at church camp was asking everyone in our new small group to introduce themselves, and part of that introduction was to tell who their favorite superhero was and what superpower they wished they had. Everyone could come up with a power they wish they had. We all want to be able to do extraordinary things.


But here is the thing, real heroes don't have to wear a cape or ride a stallion. They are ordinary people who inspire us. God doesn't always choose the strongest, the tallest, the wealthiest, or the smartest person he can find. The heroes in God's story are, more often than not, just ordinary people who, through faith and the work of the Holy Spirit, do extraordinary things.


This Sunday we will kickoff our summer series Superheroes of our Faith. We'll get to know some faithful men and women of the Bible, all of whom God used in unlikely and unexpected ways. We'll look at how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The sermon series corresponds with the "Hero Central" theme of our VBS week and the "Heroes 4 Christ" theme for Youth Week 2017.


We will begin this week by looking at Abraham. God called Abraham to leave his home, family, country, comfort, and security to fulfill God's plan for his life. And he succeeded. He fulfilled his mission. Join us as we explore how Abraham's example of sacrifice and faithfulness inspires us follow God's call on our lives.