Growing up I loved to watch cartoons on Saturday morning.  They included such "classics" as Space Ghost, Underdog, Johnny Quest, the Bugs Bunny Show, and George of the Jungle.  My favorite was The New Adventures of Superman.  Superman was a true superhero with superhuman strength (because he was from Krypton) who, each week, did some miraculous good deed.  What a guy!


In the Bible, I think you could argue that Samson was a superhero.  Only superheroes like Samson could do what he did:  kill lions with his bare hands, catch 300 foxes and tie their tails together, kill 1,000 men in hand-to-hand combat armed only with a jawbone of a donkey, and rip up a city gate and its two posts weighing in its entirety about 1,000 pounds and carry it for miles up a mountain.  What a guy!  The story of Samson in the book of Judges reveals someone on a fast track for success.  Raised by godly parents he was designated by God before his birth to be a deliverer of Israel from the dastardly Philistines.  He was given superhuman strength and the Spirit of the Lord was at work in his life.  If Samson was a senior in high school today he would have been voted "Most Likely to Succeed."  What could go wrong? 


As it turns out, Samson's life is a sad story of character weakness and self-centeredness.  He had no self-control.  He could not keep in check his passions.  He was weak-willed 

and self-willed.  What he wanted he wanted now.  This sounds like a description of our culture in 2017, not from a story some 3,000 years ago.  Unfortunately, some things

never change. 


Samson could have been one of the greatest leaders in the history of Israel, but instead, his life tragically became an example of how not to live. His life was one of squandered resources and wasted potential and ability. He threw it all away because he made some subtle but serious mistakes.


His story stands as a warning of what not to do, but it is also a story that speaks of 

second chances.


On Sunday as we continue our series Superheroes of our Faith, we will look more closely at the story of Samson and at how we can learn the lessons to avoid the mistakes of Samson and use the power that God makes available to us to accomplish God's will in 

this world.