Have you ever hit rock bottom? Found yourself at the end of your rope? A diagnosis, a failure, a loss, an addiction, a betrayal that came crashing in like a giant tidal wave, and without much warning you found yourself in the pit. That place you can’t quite explain, marked by fear and uncertainty, dread and doubt, darkness and despair.


This week as we continue our series on Jonah, I wonder if Jonah shared in those same feelings of despair. He knew his sin had caused the storm, but I wonder if he thought the fish was how God was going to end his life.


Jonah was in the pit—quite literally in the depths. He was at the bottom of the ocean, inside a beast. Yet Jonah prayed from inside the fish, from the lowest of lows.


Jonah called out to the Lord. And then something remarkable happened:


“I called to the LORD in my distress, and He answered me.”

-Jonah 2:2 (emphasis mine)


Join us on Sunday as we are reminded that the God who heard Jonah’s cry hears yours and mine—no matter the pit we find ourselves in and no matter how we got there. The God of the incarnation, who took on flesh to rescue His people—that God always comes after us. He uses whatever means necessary to bring us out of the pit, even if that pit is the stomach of a huge fish.