Why? It’s a simple word, but a deep question everyone wrestles with at some point in their lives. When bad things happen, our prayers seem unanswered, and God seems far away, we cry out, “Why?”

Why does a storm with the destructive power of Hurricane Harvey inflict so much damage and suffering on innocent people? Why were some people spared and other people lost everything?  Why does evil seem to be so prevalent?  Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. It causes us to question God.

This week as we conclude our series on Jonah we will see that Jonah wrestled with that same question. In Jonah’s estimation God didn’t make sense in God’s dealings with the people of Ninevah. As we look at the final chapter of this story and Jonah’s interaction with God I believe we will find some answers that will help us when we like Jonah start asking those questions and thinking that God doesn’t make sense.

Two other important reminders:

On Sunday we will have the Blessing of the Backpacks at all services. We encourage all of our children and students to bring your backpacks to church. We will have a special time of prayer and dedication as the new school year begins.

We will be receiving a special communion rail offering to support UMCOR and the relief efforts that are now underway in Texas and Louisiana.

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!