Why do wallets make so much noise?  Because money talks!


Please pardon the corny joke, but don't miss the truth it illustrates.  Money talks.  What does yours say about you? 


On Sunday, we are going to continue our series, Help Wanted! by looking at another of the most prominent resolutions we make at the beginning of a new year.  Often after the holiday season, a time for most of us when we over spend, we resolve to eat less and exercise more.  We resolve to spend more wisely and to better manage our money.


Did you know that one of the topics to which the Bible devotes the MOST space is all the information it gives on how MONEY should be handled?  As a matter of fact, there are 1,565 references to the proper use of money within its pages. In the Gospels alone one out of every ten verses speak to this issue. One question that many people have asked is, "Why would God devote so much space in His book to this particular subject? Why does money matter so much to God? I mean how could He justify devoting twice as many verses to money in the Bible as He does to those concerning faith and prayer combined? Why did the Savior of the world say more about how we are to view and handle money than any other single subject-including heaven and hell?"  Well, if you will pardon my intentional play on words, I think God focuses so much on MONEY matters because He knows that money MATTERS! On Sunday, I want us to seek His wisdom on this issue by seeking His guidance and direction on how we can keep our resolution to be better managers or stewards of the resources He has given us.


I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!