Sometimes we can become so familiar with something that it loses its meaning, or we take it for granted. This is especially true with things that we have memorized and repeat often. Things like The Pledge of Allegiance or The Apostles’ Creed. Another one is of course, The Lord’s Prayer. Most of us learned the words of the prayer and memorized them as a child. We repeat those words every Sunday in our worship service. And many of us use it as a part of our daily devotional routine. I fear that the words of that prayer are so familiar to us the words just roll of our tongues sometimes without even pausing to realize their meaning and significance. I am hoping that is beginning to change. 
Over the last several weeks we have seen that Jesus was giving us far more than just a recitation to repeat. He was giving us a picture of God. He was helping us to see better come to know and love God.
So far we have seen that God is the perfect loving parent; Our Father in heaven. We have looked at the reasons why His name is great and is to be hallowed. Pastor Stephanie helped us see how by doing God’s will we usher in His kingdom here on Earth.
This week we will look at the next phrase of the prayer, “Give us today our daily bread.”  Are we merely asking the Lord literally for bread, or even to provide us with food?  What does bread represent?  What does it mean to depend upon God?  Can he truly be trusted to provide for our daily needs?
On Sunday we will explore these and other similar questions.  I believe that the truth’s we will share will open up a whole new way of looking at life in those times in life when you’re worried and anxious.  Join us as we learn what it means to trust in God to supply our daily needs.
I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!