This Sunday we are looking at Jesus' words "I Thirst."
As humans, to thirst is normal. When I lived in Los Angeles
I loved to take hikes with friends. Not all Angelinos (people who live in Los Angeles) would agree about
this, but Los Angeles is a desert. On those hikes I would
be amazed at how much water I would drink and still
be thirsty.

Being out in the intense sun was great for the soul but hard on the body!
In the last few months I have been regularly leaving the house in the mornings with a full water bottle to remind myself to drink more water. Without the visual reminder sometimes I would get to lunch feeling like my mouth is completely dry, only to realize I have not had anything to drink since breakfast. We all thirst, no matter what climate we live in!
John in his Gospel tells us that Jesus said these words, "I Thirst," to fulfill scripture. The psalmist alluded to the messiah becoming thirsty. Jesus himself told of water that would cause us to never be thirsty again. Join us as we look at what scriptures Jesus fulfilled in this short but profound passage and what it will mean to never thirst again.

Blessings, Pastor Stephanie