One of our favorite family traditions is Saturday breakfast. Since the boys were little most every Saturday morning we would get up and head to our favorite breakfast spot and enjoy a good breakfast together. In Wakefield we had the Virginia Diner and their famous ham biscuits. In Danville we loved Biscuitville and Hardees and their famous chicken biscuits. In Sterling our go to place was Joe’s Diner where they made the biggest and fluffiest pancakes ever. Back home here in Chesapeake we enjoy the Egg Bistro where I think they make the best meat lovers omelet I have ever had.
But for us Duncans the thing that makes Saturday breakfast so wonderful is not the food – as awesome as that is. It’s the MEMORIES we’ve made there—sharing the laughter and conversation around the table. Telling stories and sharing the joy of life together as a family. We’ve had some truly memorable BREAKFASTS in all of these places.
I mention this because this week we come to the end of our Change Ahead series—and in this final message we will be looking at a particularly memorable breakfast—one prepared by Jesus Himself. But at this meal Peter experienced much more than good food. He had a special conversation with Jesus in which Peter learned the steps he had to take to leave his most recent failure behind and continue on his journey to become more like our Master.
In our message I want to talk about how we can be restored when we fail—because like Peter we all fail. We all foul-up. And if we learn to respond correctly, as Peter did here, God can and will work in even our mistakes for our good. That’s one of the wonderful things about our faith. Our Lord specializes in second chances.