Have you ever been out to sea during a storm? A storm feels much more intense when you are at the mercy of the sea, being tossed about, unsure if you will ever see blue skies again. In our scripture from Acts, Paul and other prisoners find themselves in a big storm at sea. They spent 15 days in a horrible storm until they are shipwrecked.
Maybe you haven't been in a shipwreck on sea, but perhaps you have felt shipwrecked due to a broken relationship, life not turning out like you had planned, finances sinking you, grief overwhelming you, or an illness sapping you. These storms seem just as intense as a storm on the water, leaving you without much hope.
Paul models for us how to face a storm head on, by keeping his trust and faith in Christ. Beginning on Sunday evening our Vacation Bible School participants will be looking at how Jesus rescues us from the shipwreck. Please be in prayer for our Vacation Bible School leaders, volunteer, children and their families as they discover God's love in amazing ways.
Rosemary Dorow will be bringing the message at our Modern service, about Doing a New Thing and sharing a new endeavor our church is undertaking called Next Level Innovations. We look forward to worshiping our amazing God with you.