As we strive to walk with God there are times when that walk is easy. The path is smooth and level. The journey is without any obstacle or complication. When everything is going well, it’s easy to believe in God’s faithful love and that He indeed is working out His plans for our lives.
But what about when the walk is tough? When things aren’t going well? When the path is hard and steep and fraught with danger and trouble? When our boss berates us, when our kids disobey us, when our spouse ignores us, and when our health fails us, has God abandoned us? Are His plans still in motion? How can we walk confidently even in the midst of all the problems?
That is our question this week as we continue our series Walking in the Way. Thankfully we are not alone when it comes to walking through trouble. King David is one of the heroes of the Bible and yet he experienced many times of trouble. He wrote many of the psalms, many of which were songs of lament in the midst of trouble. We will look at one of the most beautiful and powerful of those Psalms, Psalm 138.
We often struggle to be thankful and confident when we’re disappointed or hurt. We hold God responsible for our troubles and easily forget all the ways in which He has blessed us. Psalm 138 reminds us of the many reasons we can be genuinely grateful, without a hint of resentment or bitterness, even in the midst of our hardships. As we take a look at this psalm we will find the many reasons that we like David can walk confidently with God even in the midst of troubles.
We all face troubles and difficulties in life. We are in one of three camps. We are either coming out of trouble. We are in the midst of trouble. Or whether we know it or not we are heading towards times of trouble. Whatever road you are walking right now this message is for you. We will find that as David even when we are surrounded by trouble, we can confidently say, “Surely the Lord would work out the plans for his life.” How? By reflecting on God’s character.
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