A Message from the Pastor

Do you like to walk? When we lived in Sterling one of the things I enjoyed was the walking trail that ran behind our parsonage. The W&OD Trail was an old railroad line that had been converted into a public trail. The trail was nicely paved, neatly kept, and well lighted. It ran nearly 45 miles from Shirlington near Washington, DC west through Sterling all the way to Purcellville, VA. I loved being able to walk right out of our back door, take the path cut through the woods and pick up the trail. I logged many miles running and walking along that trail through the years. The walking/running was good physical exercise and the beauty of God’s creation and seeing God’s handy-work was great for one’s spirit. I would often listen to uplifting praise music or spend time in prayer with God.
Along the trail, you would meet people of all ages some walking, some running, some riding bikes, some walking dogs, some walking as families and others by themselves. Some seemed to be on a mission as they walked, and others appeared to have no agenda. Some would smile and say “Hi” or ask, “How is your day?” and others wouldn’t even look your way.
When I think of “walking,” the similarities between walking physically and walking spiritually are a lot alike. Followers of Jesus often use the phrase “walk with God” to describe their relationship with God. The spiritual journey is a pilgrimage, a walk. Throughout the song and prayer book of the Bible, the Book of Psalms, the songwriters and poets use “walk” to describe this reality as well.
In these next four weeks of July, we at New Creation will look at four dynamics of this “walk with God.” We will examine four of the most well-known psalms in the Bible and explore what they teach us about walking in the Way.
This week we will begin the series with a look at Psalm 1 and how it teaches us to “Walk Blamelessly.” I pray that you will join me in praying for this week’s message as we begin this new series and I pray that you invite your friends and family to join us each week.