A message from the Pastor

As we seek to make changes in our lives one of the areas we tend to focus on is the use of our time. Many of us resolve to slow down and not live at such a hectic and busy pace.

Why do we do live our lives like this?  Why do we continue to try to keep up this pace? I think it is because we have bought into what one author calls the Four Myths of busyness.

Myth #1: Busy equals important.

We have a warped sense of pride when we are able to report, “I am just too busy”.  We seem to feel more significant when we report that we have “too much to do”.  We actually take a measure of pride in announcing to people that we are workaholics!  Actually, being overly busy cuts us off from the time we need to spend cultivating the important relationships in our life: with our spouse, our kids, our friends, our God.

Myth #2: Someone wins the rat race.

This is a lie because the rat race is all about "what you do" and God is more interested in "who we are."  God will not ask at the judgment, "How busy were you?" Rather, He will ask, "Are you like Jesus?"

Myth #3: Hurrying will buy us more time.

All this technology we now have was supposed to create tons of free time, but in fact it has increased the pace at which we have to work.  Our society is hurrying faster than it ever has, yet, ironically, we seem to have less time than ever before.  Someone said, “The problem with living life in the fast lane is that you get to the toll booth quicker!”  Hurrying will buy more heart attacks, ulcers, stress, and headaches; but not more time.

Myth #4: "Down time" is wasted.

We are made to feel guilty if we aren’t constantly "doing something."  But God instituted the Sabbath into the system and the Scripture is filled with the idea of "God’s rest."

I hope you will all slow down long enough to join us on Sunday as we explore this in              more detail.