The New Year is off to a great start! Thank you to everyone who has taken the challenge to pray our 5:17 Breakthrough prayer. I have already heard a number of you share with me testimony about how God has been moving in your lives and in our church. Breakthroughs are happening! God is doing new and exciting things among us! Please continue to keep praying our breakthrough prayer as you are able every day at 5:17 AM and/or 5:17 PM.
This Sunday we are going to continue our 5:17 series by addressing another of the most prominent areas that we  often desire to make changes at the beginning of a new year.  Often after the holiday season, a time for most of us when we over indulge, we resolve to eat less and exercise more.  We resolve to live a healthier lifestyle.  For me this is a resolution I seem to make every year.  Why is it so difficult for us to maintain discipline in this area? 
On Sunday we are going to explore some biblical principles that will help us gain better perspective on the issues that surround our bodies and our physical health.  We will look at how God can help us to overcome destructive thinking and behaviors so that we can live healthier lives both physically and spiritually. 
Let’s continue this positive momentum and fill God’s house as we learn and grow together as God’s people!
See you Sunday!