As we begin 2019 it is my prayer that we will be focused with a renewed passion and intensity on the vision that God has set before us.  Focus is so important.  For example, diffused light has no power at all.  On the other hand, focused light has tremendous power.  For instance, by focusing the power of the sun through a magnifying glass, you can set a leaf on fire.  But you can’t set a leaf on fire if the same light is unfocused.  When light is concentrated at an even higher level, like a laser beam it can even cut through a block of steel. 
In the same way a focused life and a focused church will have far greater impact than unfocused ones.  I believe that is what God desires of us, a focused life and a focused church.  I want to challenge each of you to join me in doing three things that I believe will help us maintain a powerful focus:

  1. PRAY – Prayer must be at the foundation of everything we do. This year we will introducing a process of breakthrough prayer. We will be joining together to pray daily for God to breakthrough in new and miraculous ways in our lives and in our church.      A praying church is a powerful church.


  1. PARTICIPATE – Be faithful in your attendance in worship, Sunday school, and other important meetings. Get involved by using the gifts and talents that God gave you to make an impact. We cannot afford to remain in neutral.


  1. PRIORITIZE – Let us put Christ first in everything. Let us come together in unity under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. As we listen and follow Him we will not have time to become diffused and distracted by trivial issues. Instead we become a powerful force unyielding in our pursuit of our mission and goals.

I believe that if we are faithful in these things God will do the rest, empowering us to shine brighter than ever before.
Happy New Year!