A message from the Pastor

As followers of Christ we are constantly surrounded and even bombarded with the needs of others. There are physical and spiritual needs crying all around us. The physical needs are not only in far-off places where political unrest, civil war, earthquakes, floods, famines and other natural disasters take many lives and leave thousands homeless.

But we also have a responsibility to meet the needs "at home." There are many physical and spiritual needs right in our community, in our schools, in our work place, our neighborhood and our church. In fact, when we take off the blinders, we find that there are so many needs around us that we don't know where to begin! The problems seem so gigantic and complicated and hopeless and frightening that we get discouraged and end up doing little or nothing.

What can we do? What should we do? The answers to those two important questions are given to us in one of Jesus’ most famous miracles; the miracle of the feeding of the 4000 thousand. This miracle is a separate event from the feeding of the 5000.

Once again, Jesus sees the large group of people who had gathered, and his heart was filled with compassion. The disciples are perplexed as to what to do in this situation. Imagine the disciples' thinking and reasoning at this point! "Hey, wait a minute, Lord. This isn't our responsibility! These people came over here on their own, without any food or forethought. Why should we get involved in bailing them out? Look at the magnitude of the need! We just don't have the resources! Jesus asks, “How many loaves do you have?” “Seven,” they replied, “and a few small fish.” And once again, Jesus took what the disciples had to offer and multiplied it to meet the needs of all the people in abundance.

The lesson for us is clear. "Give what you have." We are not expected to give what we don't have, but we are expected to give what we do have! As we strive to love the 757, that is what we must do. Our responsibility is to give what we have to Him--no more but no less! The little we have can meet the greatest need when it is given to Christ and then multiplied by Him.

See you Sunday,