In our 5:17 Breakthrough Prayer we have been asking for God to, “Breakthrough in our lives and in our church.” God has been answering that prayer! This week we want to begin sharing with you some of the Breakthrough Testimonies we have received from members of our congregation. The first one below comes from Terry Rivenbark:

When visiting my mom who lives in a nearby “super senior” residence, I always read passages from the Upper Room before leaving. Recently, I have also started reading her one of 120 daily readings from Billy Graham’s book “Breakfast with Billy Graham.”  Pastor Randy and Pastor Stephanie’s first 2019 sermon on January 6 (which was My relationship with God) introduced us to 5:17 where the focus is on how we can become a new person, or new creation in Christ.

 Back to my mom…

On my first visit with my mom after their sermon, I randomly opened Billy Graham’s book and started reading “Christ Made Me Want to Change.”  After a few moments I realized this is 5:17! He even quoted 2 Corinthians 5:17 later in the reading!  Rev. Graham wrote that after he accepted Christ he became interested in helping people, which he had never done before. He also started looking at people in a different way. In closing he stated that Christ will change the way you think and thus you will become a new creation. Just think if 5:17 was instrumental in changing Billy Graham’s life and helped him to bring so many to Christ, then the possibilities must be endless for us at New Creation! 

As a believer this has to be God speaking to me and not just a coincidence. I was flabbergasted!  God just challenged me to change and to be a better person! I have accepted the challenge and started working on becoming a better me. Now I must say that the jury is still out on my improvements.  However, I know that because of Christ, I am a new creation!

If you have seen breakthroughs in your life, we would love to hear from you! Please email Pastor Randy or Pastor Stephanie with your story.