At the heart and center of the Christian religion stands one symbol - a cross. Other systems revolve around other symbols; the crescent, the lotus flower, the sun’s disc, a bronze statue - but Christianity revolves around a cross. It is our symbol that identifies both who we are and why we are who we are. We see them on our altars. We use them in our decorations. We even wear them around our necks. Crosses come in almost every form, size, and color.
On Sunday as we continue our series entitled Gospel, we will survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of Glory died. Why has this symbol, the first century equivalent to the gas chamber and electric chair been so jealously guarded and retained, given such a hallowed place of honor in our churches?
We will ask:
What is the importance of the cross? 
Why does it speak so powerfully to us? 
How does a thing of such brutality serve as the thing that brings comfort and reconciliation?
What ultimate truths of life and the power of God does the cross reveal to us?
I hope you will join us as we explore these important questions.
See you on Sunday!