A message from the Pastor

The birth of a new baby. A wedding or engagement. When something exciting happens in our life, we want to share the good news with others. We may put an announcement in the newspaper, call or text a friend, or update our social media status. Modern-day technology makes it easier than ever to share our announcements with people all over the world. When we have good news, it is hard to keep it to ourselves.
Whether face-to-face or through social media, we are not ashamed to share the latest happenings in our lives. Shouldn’t we be even more excited to share the message of God’s great love and grace with the world? Events such as births, engagements, and weddings are certainly exciting, but what better news could there be to share than the good news of Jesus and His salvation?
Paul declared that he was unashamed to proclaim the gospel. He understood the power of the gospel message in bringing God’s eternal salvation to all who put their faith in Christ. With the Spirit’s empowerment, the bold apostle would let nothing deter him from proclaiming the powerful message that people so desperately need. Centuries later, the same gospel message still has the power to transform lives. Let’s not be ashamed to testify to the good work God is doing in our lives and our world today.
Join us on Sunday as we begin a brand-new series that will take us through the season of Lent where each week, we will explore the core elements of the good news of the gospel from our Wesleyan Methodist perspective and how to live it and give it away to others.