This year once again we gather during Holy Week and remember and reflect upon the story of the Passion, Christ’s trial, crucifixion, death, and burial together.  Two thousand years after the Christ’s death, however we have the luxury of being what some call “Easter people.”  
We know how the story plays out, and we know that Jesus does not stay in the tomb.  As much as the story affects us when we hear it again, we have that consolation. Good Friday is not the end.

Yet today as much as we are Easter people, much of the time we still live in a Good Friday world.  That means that on most mornings, a fair number of people are feeling the same way the disciples must have been that day. They’re wondering where hope has gone. They’re crying out for another way. They’re listening for any news that suffering doesn’t win. That death doesn’t get the last word. That God is so good, and so full of grace, that God doesn’t give up on the world, and the stone rolls away from the tomb.

There is a world that needs to hear that. Maybe even you need to hear that. I know there are days when I need to hear that.  And I don’t think I’m alone.  And that’s what the Easter story teaches me.  Good Friday is not the end of the story.  Love wins.  There is hope.  Light overcomes darkness.  Sin and death have been defeated.  

On Easter Sunday we will offer six different Easter Celebration Worship Services:

6:30 AM           Sunrise Service             Front lawn of New Creation UMC
6:30 AM           Sunrise Service             Bennett’s Creek Park pavilion
8:00 AM           Praise Service                Sanctuary
9:30 AM           Traditional Service      Sanctuary
11:00 AM        Traditional Service      Sanctuary
11:00 AM        Modern Service            Fellowship Hall

Please find someone who needs to hear the good news of Easter Hope this year and invite them to join you on Sunday as we celebrate this glorious Good News!