It's just a phase . . . so don't miss it.

Whether or not you’re a parent, we all have kids in our lives. And if you care about the future of the world, or at least the future of those kids, you need to have influence. And . . .

. . . your best chance to have an influence in someone’s life is to actually show up.

It’s impossible to remember what it was like in preschool. Nobody does.

It’s difficult to remember what it was like in elementary school. It was a long time ago.

It’s scary to remember what it was like in middle school. Most of us have blocked it out.

It’s easy for us to remember what it was like in high school. Or, we’d like to think so.  

Odds are, it's difficult for us to remember much about what it was like growing up, let alone knowing what it's like for kids today. But one thing we can remember is the people who showed up for us.

If you knew that you had 936 opportunities (sounds like a lot, right?) to influence the faith of a generation, would you take on the challenge? Would you be willing to stand in the gap with parents and families?

As a part of this series, we are offering a new study called Parenting Through the Phases. We’re inviting parents, grandparents, step-parents, any adult who is helping to raise a kid or teenager, or any adult who wants to influence the faith of a generation to participate. These are inspiring, guilt-free parenting small groups that will help you make the most of the developmental phase your child or teen is in right now. It’s never too late, even if you’re parenting a twelfth grader.

Join us this Sunday for the beginning of a new series on family and what it means to show up in the lives of kids and students. Gail, Kym, and I are excited to share this message series with you all!

With love and blessings,
Jeremy Crum, Director of Ministries with Young People