It's just a phase . . . so don't miss it. 
Every one of us can point to somebody who showed up to make a difference in the different phases of our life. And because someone showed up for us, we should show up for somebody who needs us now in whatever phase they’re in. One of the best ways to show up is to understand the six things every kid and teenager needs. Last week, we introduced you to the first three things that every kid or teenager needs from their parents and adults who want to have an influence on the next generation.
Every kid and teenager needs…
            TIME over TIME because it gives a relationship HISTORY.
            LOVE over TIME because it gives them a sense of WORTH.
            WORDS over TIME because it gives their life DIRECTION.
Allow me to share something personal about myself, and this won’t go into too much detail. I grew up in a very turbulent household. My father was violent and his violent nature took over our family’s home. There were many times where I felt unsafe, unwanted, and unloved. I credit the many adults who decided to show up in my life--grandparents, teachers, church members, neighbors, Scout leaders, and adults who simply cared--for carrying me through that time in my life. Few people know that Robin Duncan (Ms. D!) was my chorus teacher through the worst season of my middle school years when my family began to implode. Her hospitality and mentorship provided a safe place for me to shelter in that storm. She is just one of the many adults who showed up for me every single week.
The expression “It takes a village to raise a kid” has been shared with me several times in the past few weeks. I feel this expression falls short in that it only addresses the number of people needed in a loving community to help parents raise adults. It fails to address the amount of consistent TIME that is needed to raise a kid. Please remember over the coming weeks: everything that we must do if we want to have a positive influence in the life of a kid and teenager must be repeated OVER TIME. I am thankful for those adults who remained in my life not just on the days when things seemed the roughest, but were there for me OVER TIME. They were the key to my survival and set me up for who I am today.
Join us this Sunday for the continuation of our series on family and what it means to show up in the lives of kids and students. We’ll share with you the last three things that every kid and teenager needs OVER TIME. Gail, Kym, and I are excited to continue to share this message series with you all!
With love and blessings,
Jeremy Crum, Director of Ministries with Young People