Recently the Stewardship Team has prayerfully chosen “Breakthrough Stewardship… Investing in Relationships” as our 2019 theme as we focus on fulfilling God’s Plans by building closer relationships with our Lord, our church family, and with those in our community.  Personal relationships are the foundation for personal growth and development for individuals as well as our church family. Building close personal relationships help us use our time, talents, and treasures to more effectively serve Him.
As the church, our people are our greatest resource. As we travel together on the journey of faith the bonds of love and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in the church provide us with great strength and encouragement. We are better together!
We have witnessed that within our congregation recently in several beautiful and powerful ways:
The Last Supper Drama was a powerful service of worship. It also brought many new members into a deeper connection to the church and to one another.
Easter Sunday was an awesome day of worship and celebration of the resurrection of the Lord. We had a total of 761 people in attendance in our services; the most it's been in recent years.
Our Family Series has made us aware of the vital importance that our children and youth have in the life of our church. We all have responsibility to mentor and nurture these young people in faith.
The 5:17 Prayer Vigil and Service was a powerful time of worship and testimony as we sang praise to God and heard our members share testimonies of God’s Breakthroughs in their lives.
Clean-up Day brought out over 30 volunteers (including children and youth) to do some spring cleaning of our building and grounds.
 Last Sunday’s conclusion of the Family series was awesome! It was amazing to see members of both of our Praise Teams along with members of the Chancel Choir all join together as one to present a special song.
This week we will begin the first portion of three-part series of messages to help us recognize the tremendous value of our relationships with one another. We are truly better together!