It’s just a phase… so don’t miss it!

Last Sunday, we redefined phase as a timeframe in a kid’s life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence a kid’s future. Whether or not you are a parent, this applies to you! We all have stories from when an adult stepped into our lives and changed our future. As you prepare for this Sunday’s message, I encourage you to think about those adults who made investments over time in your future.

This Spring, we have been blessed by several members of our church who have either shared or donated marbles to our Ministries (one member donated over 1800). We hope that you have enjoyed the marble displays outside of the Sanctuary. As we’ve thought about a kid or teenager’s future, we’ve been thinking a lot about these marbles. You see, a kid has 936 weeks from when they are born until they become an adult. Marbles give us a visual representation to see the collective value of our influence over time. When you decide to be physically and consistently present—week after week after week—your influence begins to have a cumulative effect. We may not see the immediate results and we may be tempted to become frustrated and back out. When you decide, either as a parent or as a Christ-follower, to be present physically and consistently in the life of a kid or teenager, amazing things will happen for that kid or teenager.

It’s not just a jar of marbles; it’s your time. Gail, Kym, and I are excited to share the first three things that kids and teenagers need from the adults in their lives (and the adults who want to influence their lives) over time.

With love and blessings,
Jeremy Crum, Director of Ministries with Young People