The Gateway
June 14, 2019
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Worship This Sunday

It has been a true honor to have spent the last 6 years as your Associate Pastor. We have been through some big changes together, a lead pastor change, moving two campuses into one, living into our new name, as well as celebrating new life among us. We have lost some    of our beloved members and experienced tragedies together as well. Thank you for trusting me with your lives and allowing me to be a small influence on your faith journey. As Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 3, God gives all the growth as I have had the blessing of planting seeds and cultivating the seeds other planted before me. I am overjoyed that Pastor Spencer and Pastor Randy will continue to plant and cultivate seeds at New Creation and in our Western Branch community. 
Paul writes that we are all God's servants, working together together for the glory of God. Thank you for your grace as I have grown as a your pastor. You all were instrumental in helping to mold me into a faithful pastor. Thank you for your forgiveness when I made mistakes and forgot to trust God. Thank you for trying new things with me and trusting      that God had spoken. I have always been amazed at the prayer life and deep study of        God's scriptures at New Creation and I pray you all continue to grow in Christ. God will continue    to bless you all with faithful leaders and guests so we can continue God's work    for God's kingdom. 
I do not do goodbye's well, so instead this is a "see you later." My home church sang "God Be with You till We Meet Again" at the end of every worship service and what a perfect benediction, God will be with you, and with me, until we meet again!

Pastor Stephanie