Have you ever been to the circus? One of my favorite circus acts is the trapeze act. The trapeze artist stands on a high pedestal, and they swing out on one bar, and another bar comes swinging out from the other direction, and they grab onto it – they let go of this one, and they swing on over to the other side.

If you’ve ever watched this carefully, the trapeze bars never actually touch. There’s a gap between them. So, at some point when the trapeze artist is going across, they have to swing out on one and let go of it before they grab on to the next one. But the forward motion of that swinging out keeps propelling them. They let go of this, and they grab on to that, and they swing on to the next side. But at some point, even if for a split second, they’re holding on to nothing a hundred, two hundred feet up. And that can be a scary place to be. The good news is there is always another bar there for them to grasp hold of to carry them to the other side.

In a way, this is where we find ourselves as a church. We are in that neutral zone, moving from what’s familiar, through something called the neutral zone, to a new reality. This neutral zone can be exhausting, frightening, and confusing. It is also the crucible in which you will grow in ways you could never imagine.

My prayer is that we will continue to give thanks and celebrate all that God has provided to get us to where we are and that we will reach out in faith and trust God to provide and allow God’s strong arms to catch us and carry us forward to the other side.

Keep praying for breakthrough!