We love to talk. There are talk shows everywhere. Everybody seems to have something to say. The average American has 30 conversations a day and you'll spend 1/5 of your life talking. In one year, your conversations will fill 66 books of 800 pages a book. If you're a man you speak an average of 20,000 words a day. If you're a woman you speak 30,000 words a day.

Some words are carefully planned and selected; others are spoken impulsively. Some are spoken quietly; others are spoken with more volume. Our words are powerful! I was reminded of that this week in the poignant and powerful words of a poem I discovered:

Only a Word
Only a word of anger,
But it wounded one sensitive heart;
Only a word of sharp reproach,
But it made the teardrops start;
Only a hasty, thoughtless word,
Sarcastic and unkind.
But it darkened the day before so bright,
And left a sting behind.

Only a word of kindness,
But it lightened one heart of its grief;
Only a word of sympathy,
But it brought one soul relief;
Only a word of gentle cheer.
But it flooded with radiant light
The pathway that seemed so dark before,
And it made the day more bright.
Our Pentecostal Boys and Girls.

On Sunday we will finish our series on the power of our words. We will dig deeper into how if we allow God’s Spirit to work in us as He transforms our hearts, He also transforms our words.