After months of planning, praying, and preparing the Innovation Weekend is upon us! I want to first thank the members of our New Creation NLI Team for all they have done to get us to this point. There have been many hours invested in an intensive self-study, gathering data, and coordinating events and activities. To borrow from my sermon last Sunday, this has been the ultimate team effort!

I wanted to give one final reminder of the important details for our Innovation Weekend. This weekend is a time for the entire congregation to be involved in conversations that will help us further discern and clarify the faithful next steps God is calling us to make.

Friday, September 13: The District NLI Team will be conducting interviews with key staff and leaders gaining feedback on the strengths of our church, perceived gaps, and hopes and dreams for the future. Friday evening, we will host two focus groups that will meet with our District NLI Team to gain insight and perspective from various segments of our congregation. One of the focus groups is specifically for our young adults and families the other for newcomers to our church.

Saturday, September 14: Church-Wide Retreat 9:30 am – 3:30 pm
Throughout the day we will participate in activities and discussions designed to allow everyone to provide feedback and input regarding our strengths as a church, gaps or areas of growth or need, as well as YOUR hopes and dreams for our church going forward. The District NLI Team will be sharing with us results from our intensive self-study, demographic and statistical reports, “Mystery Worshipper” reports, and other data that will assist in the discernment process of areas that may need to be changed to be a catalyst for continued growth and effectiveness in making disciples of Jesus Christ. Lunch will be served.