A message from the Pastor

It has often been said that the game of football is won or lost in the trenches. This is a reference to the battle that happens on every play between the offensive and the defensive lines. Usually the team that controls the line of scrimmage, wins the game. The same thing can be said for the game of life. As we strive to get in the game and live our lives to follow Jesus, we often find ourselves squaring off in a battle with a very real enemy.

Every football player needs to be properly equipped in order to be on the field and engage in the action. A football player would not take the field without their helmet. Helmets protect the athletes from blows to the head and limits the possibility of a concussion. Shoulder pads protect their chest and shoulders—a breastplate, so to speak. Then they have the hip, thigh and knee pads for leg protection, and finally, cleats to get traction and support their feet.

While this equipment provides players with physical protection, we, as Christian “warriors” need other protection as well. Ephesians tells us just as warriors (players) need protection, we Christians need armor to protect us from the outside forces that wish to harm us. During football games, the players get pounded constantly, and without the protective armor, their bodies wouldn’t be able to take the abuse.

The same can be said for our spiritual lives. Satan is constantly pounding us with temptations. Therefore, we need the armor of God to protect us and give us the strength to stand tall when the world around us in falling apart.

On Sunday as we continue our Gridiron Gospel series, we will explore how the Holy Spirit provides us with the right equipment that helps win the victory as we do battle in the trenches of life.