Maybe you’ve heard the story about the chicken and the pig:
A pig and a chicken are walking down the road together. As they walked along, they read a sign advertising a breakfast to benefit the poor. As they got a little closer, they noticed the menu consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage. 
The chicken said to the pig, “You know that sounds like a wonderful cause. I think we should donate something to the effort.” 
The pig replied, “Not so fast, for you it would just be a contribution, but for me it would be a total commitment.”
That’s a funny story but it illustrates a very serious point. As we strive to live our life and follow Jesus, it requires more than just a contribution. It requires total commitment.
On Sunday as we wrap up the second phase of our Breakthrough Stewardship…Investing in Relationships message series, we are going to look at our most important relationship; our relationship with God. God made a total commitment to us when He sent His Son Jesus to lay down His life for us. God calls us to follow Jesus’ example and go “ALL IN” by committing to serve God and one another.
Are you a chicken or a pig? Are you all in?