In October 2016, the Youth Ministry took a bold step toward a new concept of missional service: skipping church. Since then, the Youth Ministry has held its quarterly Youth Skip Sunday missions event during each month with a fifth Sunday. Our Youth skip church to be the church in the Western Branch, Churchland and Harborview communities. Depending on the season, our Youth engage in different missions activities, such as raking leaves at homes, picking up trash at area parks, helping people do laundry at a laundromat, and sometimes just spending time with people as they go through their days.

This summer, Youth Skip Sunday will be a part of Youth Week 2017—Heroes 4 Christ! We encourage those who would like to skip church with us to also participate in our Youth Week "camp" as well! Check out the Youth Week page for more information about the event.

Want to join us? Fill out the form below to join the team for the next Youth Skip Sunday on Sunday, July 30, 2017! We also have t-shirts made that we wear just for this event! The front of the shirt reads "I Skip Church" (a great conversation starter for our groups while they are out in the field) and the back read "So I Can Be The Church"! If you would like a t-shirt, you can purchase one on the day of the event for $15. Please note in the form below your adult shirt size so that we can have a shirt ready for you!

Ready to skip church with us?

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Adult participants are needed to help chaperone our youth during their missions activities. Please be prepared to use your own vehicle to transport our Youth.
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If you need a t-shirt for our missions event, choose a t-shirt size! Please remember to pay $15.00 on the day of the event.
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We separate our teams into specific missions fields. Please select at least two (2) areas in which you would be willing to serve.